Friday, February 17, 2017


12/09/16 Poem
What's the point in all this?
Nothing matters.
It all leads to a sea of misery
Where waves crash hard
And storms rain down
Lightning keeps flashing
Thunder keeps rolling

Were is the break in the clouds?
The sunrise
The dawn?
Where are the clear skies that show
The new day has come?

Can we not have just 1 ray of
Sunlight today?
Or is it just gray?
Will it always be that way?

Or maybe there will be a
Break in the clouds
Just enough for us to think
Hope has been found?
For us to take a breath,
Dream a new dream
Create new things the
World has never seen

But the break never sticks around
Hope doesn't last
Dreams are broken once again
And new ideas are thrown to the trash

The sun never hangs about
The clouds come back to play
The storms are my worst nightmare
As they take my life away

Piece by piece I lose myself
To the waters of the sea
Maybe someday it will wash to shore
And reach eternity

Maybe one day I'll pass on
As pieces here and there
Put together in eternity
With my Creator there

Until then I'll fall apart
Riding each new wave
Until my mind or body gives up
And sends me to the grave

Each storm will take a piece of me
I'll never be made whole
There really is no point of this
No point to stick around

The waves keep crashing
The sun keeps hiding
The sea keeps moving
To a life of misery
Maybe one day it will swallow me whole

12/10/16 Poem
I'm sinking with no life vest
Down into the deep dark sea
Who will come to my rescue
Does anybody hear me?

I've been holding on so tight
To what I thought was hope
But now it's stripped away again
And left me with some rope

Some rope to tie around my neck
Just hoping it will break
And end all of this craziness
Just for Heaven's sake

Give this world a rest at last
For their burden will be gone
There will not be anymore of me
To continue to lead them on

A break for the world
For my deep pain
Is long overdue
And I'll be swimming with the fishes
In a sea of ocean blue

My soul will finally be at home
In the dark blue sea
The drowning will be over
As will the misery
There will be no tears to
Cry, nor pain to feel at last
Cause finally my body
Will be at rest with the past

Sitting in the dirt thinking of
A dream I once thought I had
Wishing on stars I once thought
I could see
Then reality comes to my eyes
There were no stars, there were no dreams
Just broken hearts
Crying eyes
Missing pieces from a fractured life

Empty promises
Painted faces
And a lot of lies
That's when I realized
There's no point in this life

So why go on when all you see
Is destruction and misery?
Why press on if all that's there
Is another lie and an empty chair?
Why keep pushing to the end
When all that's there is another bend?
What's the point?
This just doesn't seem right

Let this world just move on
Let her just be gone
The world would be better anyway
So let her go on her way
Swim with the fishes in a new day
No more drowning, no more pain
Just a new freedom

Move on now, just like before
She doesn't even matter anymore
Life goes on like it did
Soon enough you'll forget what she did

And life will be what it was
It will continue on like before
People come and people go
Just like the ones you used to know
Life keeps going good and bad
It'll keep moving happy and sad
We all just have to deal with the mad!

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